B&B Recap: How Long Can Caroline Keep Her Secret?


Rick and Maya pamper Nicole after their most important doctor's appointment to date, keeping true to their promise to take care of her throughout the entire surrogacy process. 



During a passionate moment, Zende reveals to Nicole that he desperately wants to take things to the next level. Although she also wants to be intimate, Nicole reminds her boyfriend that she has to wait until after she becomes pregnant. 



Following their first ultrasound, Caroline and Ridge excitedly talk about their future child and debate if they want to learn the baby's sex. 



While cleaning up Brooke's computer, Liam discovers that she's been researching vasectomies. Confused, he presses her about her search history. Finally, Brooke reveals Ridge's darkest secret. 

What Else Will Come Out?

5. What Else Will Come Out?

No matter how much Ridge assures Caroline that their secret is safe, she just can't seem to fully believe him. Her fears are finally confirmed when Liam confronts her with his newly acquired intel on her relationship and pregnancy. Now that Liam knows about Ridge's vasectomy, will other truths rise to the surface? 

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