B&B Recap: Will Liam Learn The Truth About Caroline's Pregnancy?


Ridge is furious to learn that word is getting out about Caroline's pregnancy. While he tells everyone the news is joyful, he can't seem to hide just how concerned the media's involvement makes him. 

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Steffy and Thomas wonder why their father is so on edge after learning about the media baby announcement. Their suspicions are only heightened when Caroline snaps at Thomas during the meeting. 

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Following the especially tense meeting, Liam and Steffy sneak away for a quick kiss. But, Liam's distracted. He can't help but wonder what's really going on between Thomas and Ridge, and as he asks Steffy questions, he starts to realize how hard it might be to keep his newfound intel from his girlfriend. 

Will Liam keep digging for the truth, and if so, will he find the answers he's looking for? 

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Julius and Vivienne worry about Nicole after the IUI process takes place. While they disapprove of her decision to be Maya's surrogate, they decide to support both of their daughters no matter what. 

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Rick and Maya continue to pamper Nicole as they wait to learn if she's pregnant. It's all becoming so real, and the news could come any moment. 

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