B&B Recap: Liam Calls Off The Engagement

Liam thinks the worst.

1. Liam thinks the worst.

After returning from his accidental trip to Australia, Liam rushes home to see his fiancĂ©e—but what he finds leaves him in shock. There, in their bed, he sees Steffy snuggling with Wyatt. Instead of questioning them, he assumes he's walked in on an affair. 
Quinn stands her ground.

2. Quinn stands her ground.

Without knowing the real reason behind Ivy's departure, Eric asks Quinn if she and Wyatt would still work with his niece. Upset about what Ivy did to her son, Quinn tells Eric she never even wants Wyatt to hear Ivy's name again, and they won't be working with her in the future. 
Katie and Bill welcome Brooke to Spencer Publications.

3. Katie and Bill welcome Brooke to Spencer Publications.

Spencer Publications is filled with excitement as Brooke steps into the office for her first day. But, will that excitement turn to drama as Brooke and Bill work closely together?