Which Spencer Man Is Best For Steffy: Liam Or Wyatt?

Which Spencer brother can make Steffy happiest?

1. Which Spencer brother can make Steffy happiest?

With Liam back in the picture, everyone has questions about Steffy and Wyatt's marriage, specifically: Will the newlyweds get their happily ever after, or will Steffy reignite a romance with her former love?

On one hand, Steffy has a rich history with Liam, but on the other hand, Steffy and Wyatt have created a new life together. Who is best for Steffy?
Reigniting an old flame

2. Reigniting an old flame

After breaking things off with Wyatt, Steffy found herself back in Liam's arms. Will they find themselves fighting for a future together once again? 
A devastating rift

3. A devastating rift

Steffy realized her life—and her marriage—would never be the same after her grandfather married her mother-in-law. With Quinn running Forrester Creations and living in the mansion, Steffy felt she needed to distance herself from Wyatt by moving out of their home, asking for a divorce, and rekindling her romance with Liam. 
Dreams are shattered

4. Dreams are shattered

Liam's hopes for the night were wrecked when he learned just how permanent Steffy's commitment to Wyatt was. Will Steffy's tattooed wedding band deter Liam from fighting for her love? 
A romantic evening

5. A romantic evening

In an attempt to get Steffy back, Liam prepared a night filled with wine, flowers, and romance. Surprised he went through so much effort to woo her back, Steffy decided to hear Liam out.
Moving forward together

6. Moving forward together

In the heat of an argument, Wyatt reminded Steffy that their vows meant just as much to him in that moment as they did on their wedding day. Choosing not to let the fight tear them apart, Steffy and Wyatt make the tough decision to tell Liam about their marriage and to continue building their lives together. 

Is Steffy right to stay with Wyatt, or will she be drawn back to Liam?

An unbelievable secret exposed

7. An unbelievable secret exposed

Things got tense between the newlyweds when Wyatt revealed that he withheld information about Liam from Steffy. Furious that her husband would keep a secret from her—especially one as major as seeing footage of Quinn dragging Liam into a car—Steffy laid into Wyatt and questioned his mother's true motives.
An unexpected reunion

8. An unexpected reunion

Before the newlyweds could fully revel in their nuptials, Wyatt made a shocking discovery that cut the honeymoon short: Quinn was holding Liam captive the entire time.

Finally equipped with the truth, Wyatt took Liam back to Malibu and sent him straight to Steffy. 
A beautiful beach wedding

9. A beautiful beach wedding

With no word from Liam, Steffy and Wyatt decided to take their relationship to the next level. Surrounded by family, the smiling couple exchanged vows at their special spot in Malibu. 

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Weeks of worry

10. Weeks of worry

While she was exploring a new relationship with Wyatt, Steffy couldn't stop worrying about Liam's whereabouts. Desperate to get in touch, she repeatedly called and texted his cell, but was met with only cryptic responses—she even went as far as reaching out to Hope! When she finally received a message from Liam saying never to contact him again, Steffy decided it was truly time to move on with her life.