B&B Recap: Thomas Fights Back For His Son

Thomas returns to L.A. for good.

1. Thomas returns to L.A. for good.

Unwilling to let Ridge control his life any longer, Thomas disobeys his father and abandons his flight to Shanghai. When Caroline questions his decision, Thomas pleads with her to understand. 

"I need to be here," he tells her. "I need to see my boy grow up." 
Nicole lashes out at Sasha for lying about the pregnancy.

2. Nicole lashes out at Sasha for lying about the pregnancy.

After confessing that she faked the pregnancy just to keep Zende, Sasha begs for Nicole's forgiveness. But, this time, Nicole refuses to let her sister's careless actions slide. 

"You came to L.A. and you used me to get into Forrester," Nicole tells Sasha. "Then, you stole my boyfriend and tried to keep us apart. Even when you knew he wanted to come back to me, you tried to stop him. I can't forgive you for that."
Sasha says her goodbyes.

3. Sasha says her goodbyes.

Knowing life could never be the same again in L.A., Sasha releases her grip on Zende and accepts that it's time for her to go back to Chicago.

"I've really loved my life here, but I can't cling to you, Zende," she says through tears. 
Rick expresses his suspicions to Maya.

4. Rick expresses his suspicions to Maya.

Confused about why Ridge chose to keep him in the dark regarding Thomas' new position, Rick tells Maya he thinks something bigger might be going on behind the scenes. 

"Ridge made this decision on his own, and I intend to find out why," he tells his wife.
Thomas stands his ground.

5. Thomas stands his ground.

Upset to see his son back in L.A., Ridge warns Thomas that he'd better not overstep his boundaries. While Ridge's threats may have worked in the past, Thomas asserts himself like never before—and he shows no signs of backing down. 

"You want to raise my son," he asks Ridge. "Fine, but I'm calling the shots ... I'm in charge, and you're going to respect what I have to say." 

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