The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 16 - After the Fall
Posted on Mar 5, 2012 12:00am

Alicia defends a documentary filmmaker who is accused of being responsible for the suicide of a college girl while making a movie about people who kill themselves. But their path to victory is blocked by old nemesis Nancy Crozier and a judge who seems to buy Nancy’s folksy, innocent act at every turn. When the firm again turns to Caitlin in order to try and win over the judge and jury, Alicia begins to wonder if her protégé might be her biggest competition at Lockhart/Gardner. As Will serves out his suspension at home under the watchful eyes of his two nosy and manipulative sisters, the power vacuum at Lockhart/Gardner draws the attention of Eli, Julius, and David Lee, all of whom want their name on the company letterhead. Meanwhile, Peter struggles with his political campaign as he realizes that his decision to hire people based solely on merit has cost him many of his former allies.