The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 17 - Long Way Home
Posted on Mar 12, 2012 12:00am

After being released from prison, Lockhart/Gardner client Colin Sweeney attempts to convince the shareholders of his former company to vote him back in as CEO. At the eleventh hour, however, a former employee publically accuses Sweeney of sexually harassing her, going as far as to produce a baby who was allegedly fathered by Colin. With time running out, Alicia and the firm have 72 hours to prove the allegations are false before Sweeney is forced out of his company for good â€" a task made more difficult due to the fact that Sweeney will lie to anyone, including his own lawyers, to get what he wants. After getting engaged, Caitlin decides to leave Lockhart/Gardner and give up her career in order to start a family. At the state’s attorney’s office, Cary is forced to investigate employee fraternization on Peter’s behalf, putting him in an awkward position thanks to his own transgressions with Dana Lodge. When Alicia’s apartment building decides to convert to condos, she is faced with the possibility of having to move.