The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 21 - The Penalty Box
Posted on Apr 23, 2012 12:00am

Alicia and Diane are put in the odd position of representing a judge, the honorable Richard Cuesta, who has been accused of misconduct in a murder trial he handled for the state as a prosecutor twenty years earlier. New DNA evidence has overturned the conviction, and Cuesta faces removal from the bench if he’s found guilty. With Cuesta backed against a wall, the Lockhart/Gardner team realizes that they must stretch the truth in order to mount their best defense. With tensions rising, Alicia and Diane realize that Judge Cuesta’s adherence to the truth might make him his own worst enemy. When FBI agent Lana Delaney approaches LeMond Bishop, the drug dealer blames Kalinda for the federal attention â€" an accusation that might have grave consequences. Meanwhile, as new named partner Howard Lyman grows increasingly erratic, Will and Diane discuss hiring a new litigator. After two years, in the state’s attorney’s office, Cary Agos returns to his old home at Lockhart/Gardner.