The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 3 - "Two Girls, One Code"
Posted on Oct 15, 2012 12:00am

Will and Alicia represent two young entrepreneurs who are suing the search engine ChumHum. In what appears to be a high tech version of an old protection scheme, they claim that ChumHum dropped their software company from the top result to the 28th page after they refused to pay for advertising on the site. The opposition--led by frequent Lockhart/Gardner opponent Viola Walsh--claims that the lost advertising sale had nothing to do with the company’s drop in the search rankings. Will and Alicia know that the only way to find out the truth would be to examine the search engine’s algorithm, but they also know that ChumHum’s founder and CEO Neil Gross will do whatever it takes to keep that valuable formula from becoming public.
Eli assists journalist Mandy Post in writing a high-profile article about the Florricks, but he’s stopped cold when he learns that the reporter is going to leak evidence of a new affair. At first, it seems as if Alicia’s tryst with Will is going to be made public at last. After prying a bit more, however, Eli uncovers a sobering fact: it looks as if Peter slept with a campaign worker last autumn and kept their affair a secret.