The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 7 - Anatomy of a Joke
Posted on Nov 12, 2012 12:00am

Will and Alicia represent edgy female comedienne Therese who is being sued by a network for baring her breasts on live TV in an attempt to raise awareness about breast cancer. When testimony from a makeup artist shows that the act was premeditated it appears that Lockhart/Gardner is on the verge of losing the case. But network counsel Burl Preston gives them an out--if Therese successfully apologizes to the FCC and saves the network a costly fine, they’ll let her off the hook. In Washington, Cary and Alicia soon realize that their client’s inability to stop making edgy jokes might doom their mission from the start.

Meanwhile, Eli has to deal with a more devious than expected Maddie Hayward, who floats a rumor that Peter has a birthmark shaped like Brazil on his penis. While in Washington, Cary sees his father for the first time in several years and the tension is thick. Will and Diane are shocked when they realize that Burl Preston--their opponent in the FCC case--is in discussions with trustee Clarke Hayden to buy the firm outright.