The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 8 - Here Comes the Judge
Posted on Nov 19, 2012 12:00am

Will squares off against new ASA Laura Hellinger, Alicia’s friend, over the case of a woman who is alleged to have hired someone to kill her husband. After a pitched battle in court, Will runs into the judge in a bar after hours and is shocked with he admits to bias against Will and a belief that his client is guilty. Reeling, Will and Alicia realize they have no choice but to try and remove the judge from the case.

Nick is jealous of Cary's friendship with Kalinda and arranges for Kalinda to pay a price. Zach tries to get more involved in his father’s campaign, anonymously helping to improve Peter’s presence online, something that doesn’t escape Eli’s notice. When a girl in Grace’s class commits suicide, she becomes curious about--and a little romantically interested in--a ‘bad boy’ who dumped the deceased classmate several days before her death.