The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 14 - Red Team/Blue Team
Posted on Feb 18, 2013 12:00am

After climbing out of debt and realizing that their recent success has actually made the firm very profitable, the Lockhart/Gardner partners meet and decide to rescind their partnership offer to the 4th year associates. Alicia and Cary channel their frustration into a mock trial they are participating in, where they are tasked with going up against Will and Diane in order to see how their latest case might hold up in court. The firm represents the manufacturer of an energy drink that is being sued by the family of a teenage girl who died of an apparent caffeine overdose. Cary and Alicia, playing the part of opposing counsel, start making their bosses nervous when they do a little too well. Eli’s fight against the feds comes to a head when they reveal that they have a wiretap proving his guilt. With Jordan forcibly taking over the campaign, Eli starts to consider if wearing a wire is his only option.