The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 18 - Death of a Client
Posted on Mar 25, 2013 12:00am

While attending a formal dinner with Peter, Alicia is called down to the police station in order to assist with a homicide investigation. A client of Alicia’s, a paranoid and litigious CEO, has just been murdered and they want to know if Alicia can help find the killer. When Alicia invokes attorney/client privilege at the mention of an outstanding case her client had against the police department, they inform her that she might have more at stake here than she thought: her address was found in the killer’s car. Back at the dinner, Peter tries to get a hug from a local Cardinal whose silent endorsement is worth 800,000 Catholic votes. Mike Kresteva, also going for the endorsement, uses the sight of Alicia being led out of the hall by police officers to lie about Zach Florrick being arrested on drug charges. When Peter finds out, he decides to get revenge against Kresteva. Peter also offers Diane a spot on the state supreme court if he wins the election, an appointment that would require her to leave Lockhart/Gardner for good.