The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 19 - The Wheels of Justice
Posted on Apr 1, 2013 12:00am

Colin Sweeney is in trouble again, this time for allegedly firing a gun inside a fancy club during an orgy. Due to an odd interaction between two Illinois state laws called ‘double enhancement,’ Sweeney faces life in prison without parole for the relatively minor offence. The judge in his trial has a history of not enforcing double enhancement during sentencing, but the legality of this has been brought before the state supreme court. When Lockhart/Gardner learns that the double enhancement ruling is going to come down within the next few days â€" and that the law will likely be upheld â€" Alicia realizes that they must go to trial immediately or Colin Sweeney could be put away for good. Ballistics analyst Kurt McVeigh is brought in to help, rekindling old desires in Diane. When Kalinda tells her that her close association with McVeigh will hurt her chances of getting the judgeship, she must decide if they have a future together. Robyn assists Cary downstate, and he becomes further enamored with the enigmatic investigator.