The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 20 - Rape: A Modern Perspective
Posted on Apr 15, 2013 12:00am

Will and Alicia represent an eighteen-year-old girl suing her rapist in order to make the crime a matter of public record and show the world who he really is. When she violates the judge’s gag order with a tweet publicly identifying him as her rapist, she is forced to stay in jail until she apologizes on the record â€" something she is fervently unwilling to do. As our team works to help their client, they learn that the case has garnered the attention of Dylan Stack and shadowy internet organization Anonymous. Stack and Anonymous manage to uncover all sorts of damning information against the rapist, but by obtaining it illegally and posting it online, their efforts seem to hurt more than they help. Facing an increasingly hostile judge and an untraceable group of online vigilantes, Will and Alicia must walk an increasingly thin line in order to protect their client. Alicia learns that Cary and the other 4th year associates might still be planning to start their own firm. Diane learns that if she wants to be considered for a judgeship, she will have to distance herself from Will.