The Good Wife
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Season 4: Episode 22 - What's In The Box?
Posted on Apr 29, 2013 12:00am

While early voting, Zach notices a suspicious ballot box with a Kresteva vote on top and suspects that Peter’s opponent is trying to steal the election. With the help of Lockhart/Gardner, the campaign makes a motion in court to get the votes thrown out. Just when it looks as though Will and Alicia are about to prevail over Patti Nyholm and Kresteva’s defense team, they learn that the vast majority of the votes in the box were cast for Peter Florrick. Both legal teams work deep into the night, reversing course, with the winner of the election seemingly hanging in the balance. Cary continues to plot the setup of his own firm, attempting to pull both Alicia and Kalinda into the fold. Peter tries to create distance between their family and Christian, Jackie’s caretaker.