The Good Wife
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Season 1: Episode 13 - Bad
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­In probate court, Alicia defends a wealthy, immoral client who's innocence she questions in the death of his wife. Peter's appeal begins.

Alicia is second chair to Will on the Colin Sweeney civil suit case. Sweeney was found not guilty of murdering his wife, Carolyn, but like OJ Simpson, the general public believes he’s responsible for her death including Charlotte, Carolyn’s daughter, who has brought the civil suit against Sweeney in the hopes of regaining her mother’s money and company. Will and Alicia are up against Nancy Crozier, who plays up her rehearsed inexperience which wins favor with the judge in the beginning. As the trial plays out, evidence of a dummy corporation created by Charlotte is found by Cary, which was taking money from Carolyn’s company and putting into a bank account only Charlotte had access to. When some of Carolyn’s body is found in the courtyard of the building Colin and Carolyn used to live in, Kalinda discovers that the remains were first buried on farmland owned by Charlotte. When the rest of Carolyn’s remains are found on Charlotte’s farmland, she is arrested for her mother’s murder. When Diane’s life is threatened by an inmate who is about to be paroled, she asks Kalinda for help in obtaining a gun. On the personal front, Peter’s appeal for a retrial gains momentum. Childs offers Peter a deal: immediate release with time served. We end the show with Peter considering Child’s offer.