The Good Wife
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Season 1: Episode 20 - Mock
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­We’re back in the apartment from Zach's and Grace’s perspective. When Peter crosses the threshold, the electronic monitoring alarm begins to sound followed shortly by the phone ringing. Grace answers the phone before the fifth ring and tells the sergeant that her father is in the shower, but the sergeant hangs up when she’s unable to put Peter on the phone. Zach grabs his skateboard and smashes the alarm. When the police arrive, Peter is back in the apartment and Zach blames a skateboarding trick gone wrong on the broken sensor. On her way to work the following morning, Alicia follows police officers to her building manager, Simran’s, apartment. They’re questioning her son, Amal, about the travel agency where he works, but Alicia recommends that Simran ask the police officers to leave if they’re not charging Amal with a crime. Because Amal did not cooperate, immigration takes Simran away to be deported because she’s been living in the US illegally for 27 years. If Alicia can get information on the identity theft ring Amal is suspected of being involved with, they’ll put in a good word with immigration to stop Simran’s deportation. Amal is tasked with downloading files from where he works, but someone tips off his bosses, the Pujari Brothers, that they’re being watched. Before the travel office is investigated, Kalinda takes a box she saw one of the brothers hide before the police can confiscate it. Inside the box are sapphires which Kalinda tries to track. When the box, not the sapphires, leads Kalinda and Cary to the only store that carries that brand, they realize that its Amal’s sister Frida who was the courier for the Pujari’s. Though she’ll face some jail time, this information helps free Simran from deportation. ­