The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 8 - On Tap
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­LGB takes on the case of Matthew Wade, an alderman who has been indicted for taking campaign contributions in exchange for getting a mosque built on the site of an abandoned housing project. To complicate matters further, the money came from now-deceased bundler Royce Crombie, who allegedly has ties with Islamic extremists. Matthew is being charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist organization.

The prosecution’s case is built on wiretaps of Royce's business dealings, and Alicia and Diane must convince the judge to throw the case out before it goes to trial and a jury is allowed to hear those raw wiretapped conversations. Alicia is tasked with listening to all the tapes in the hope she'll find something that will help them keep the case from going of trial.

To Alicia’s shock, one of the voices on the tapes belongs to Eli Gold. Eli is active in all aspects of Chicago politics, and thus has had plenty of dealings with Royce. LGB gets the court to release all of Eli's tapes as well, and Alicia's tape-listening task begins anew. This when Alicia hears yet another familiar voice -Will’s. Her world is rocked when she hears Will allude to the voicemail Eli deleted from her phone (Ep. 201) expressing his desire to be with her.

Alicia and Diane are eventually able to prove that Matthew and Eli have no connection with the extremist group. Due to Kalinda's sleuthing, they discover that the reason Matthew wanted to build the Islamic center was because he was paid by drug dealer LeMond Bishop to tear down the one housing project in the area that was controlled by a rival gang.

In the end, LGB gets the feds to bury the case by subpoenaing one of the voices on the tapes: White House aide Ruth Yamaguchi. Careful to keep Obama far away from any story having to do with Muslim extremists, they decline to prosecute.

Meanwhile, as Will and Bond’s relationship gets closer, Diane plots to start her own firm. She even goes as far as recruiting Eli to join her.

­ Alicia’s family is also dragged into the political fray, as Zack and Becca’s Glenn Childs Jr. video serves as an opening for the Childs campaign to go viral with Grace’s video from Episode 201.