The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 10 - Breaking Up
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­When drugs are found in the possession of wealthy law student Jonathan Murphy and his working class girlfriend Alexis Symanski. Jonathan’s father calls in LGB. But the case gets more complex when the drugs are found to have come from a pharmacy where the clerk was murdered. Jonathan and Alexis finger a man in a photo line-up as the guy who sold them the drugs, but it turns out the exercise was a trap: the man’s been dead for four years. Jonathan and Alexis have just become the primary suspects in Cary's murder investigation.

When Alexis gets her own attorney, public defender Wilk Hobson from ep 205, both defense and prosecution know that the game has come down to the classic prisoner’s dilemma: either Alexis will implicate Jonathan and go free, or Jonathan will implicate Alexis and go free. Both attorneys attempt to get the young lovers to turn on each other.

While Alicia and Will work to get Jonathan to turn on Alexis, Kalinda is out in the field investigating who may have actually committed the crime. Jonathan’s story now implicates one of Alexis’s friends, a girl named Jenni, who he claims was the real killer. But when Jenni turns out to have an alibi, it looks like our two clients may be guilty after all. Jonathan had the plan and did the driving while Alexis committed the burglary and shot the cashier to save her boyfriend's life.

In the end, LGB use the information that Alexis is pregnant to try and get Jonathan to flip â€" they found calls to other men on her phone, and attempt to convince him that his girlfriend was cheating on him and the baby might not be his. Instead, this information strengthens his resolve. He confesses and lets the mother of his child go free.

Meanwhile, Alicia's brother Owen has left his boyfriend Kevin in Oregon and gotten a semester-long teaching gig in Chicago. He tells Alicia that Kevin cheated on him, but later on we learn that it was actually Owen who slept with another man. Alicia manages to convince Owen to try and give the relationship another shot, but Kevin breaks it off with him for good even after Owen apologizes.

The Diane/Will conflict finally comes to a head as well when Will (via Blake’s investigation) learns that Diane is planning to star her own firm and take many of their lawyers and clients with her. Will tells Diane that her paranoia got the best of her - he and Bond were never planning to make a move against her.