The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 11 - Two Courts
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­While defending Scott Bauer, an internet spam distributor accused of murdering his father, Alicia and Will are stymied by hostile judge Edward Weldon due to an altercation he had with Will on the basketball court. To make matters worse, the prosecution was able to get a picture entered into evidence that showed Scott dressed in a Nazi SS uniform for a WWII war reenactment. Between the judge’s biased rulings and the jury’s dislike of Scott’s profession and hobby, Alicia and Will feel their case slipping away.

LGB has hired famed jury consultant Medina to help with the case, and throughout the trial his insights on the jury’s “pack mentality” help our team plan their strategy. He identifies the juror who seems to be the leader and tells our team to target their defense towards him.

Enter Vincent Kuney, a Scientologist who was Scott’s building manager and a witness to fights between Scott and his father. Even though Alicia and Will suspect he had nothing to do with the crime, they attempt to paint him as the killer in order to bias the lead juror, who is a psychiatrist. In the end Medina predicts a “not guilty” verdict for their client, but the jury convicts him anyway. Alicia approaches the lead juror after the case, and is told that none of their tricks mattered: the jury knew that the accused committed the crime.

Meanwhile, Peter is approached by Adam Boras, a political consultant from his 2004 campaign. Eli sees Adam as a rival and cautions Peter that his old friend is working for the republicans now â€" any money he offers will come with major strings attached. He later learns that Adam is in town because Jackie invited him as a way to push Eli out. Not one to be outmaneuvered, Eli uses Peter’s reluctance to have Jackie more involved with the campaign as a way to prove his dominance over her and to get rid of Adam.

When Will learns that Bond is having Blake investigate all of the members of LGB, he starts to realize that Diane is right â€" Bond is planning to push her out and marginalize him. Instead of working with Bond to string Diane along, he decides to work with Diane to help get rid of Bond.