The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 12 - Silly Season
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­This episode will be from Cary's point of view, as the state attorney's office prosecutes Joey Church for the murder of Jay Winston. Joes was two weeks away from release when he killed fellow inmate Jay.

The sides trade blows for a while, as Alicia gets Cary’s best witness kicked while Cary scores points by getting Joey’s cellmate to say he knew about the crime.

LGB, turning to their plan B, takes the upper hand when Alicia convinces the jury that Joey DID commit the murder â€" but in defense of his newborn daughter, whom a mystery man said he’d kill if Joey didn’t kill Jay.

Reeling, Cary turns to his in-house investigator to find a connection between Joey and Jay. They manage to convincingly tie Joey in to drug kingpin LeMond Bishop. It appears that LeMond, whom Joey has worked with for years, hired him to kill Jay while in prison and the “mystery man” was a plant to give him plausible deniability. The jury is sold, and Cary wins the case.

Meanwhile, Glenn Childs and Wendy Scott-Carr join forces after Peter’s campaign is discovered race-baiting the electorate. In order to get Peter to stop, Wendy threatens to reveal that Zach and Becca had sex, resulting in Becca getting a secret abortion. The threat of a new scandal rocks both the campaign and the Florrick household. While Eli discovers that Becca's abortion had nothing to do with Zach, Peter is still forced to sever ties with the PAC that put out the race-baiting flyer in order to prevent Wendy's retaliation.

Blake also gets slightly closer to discovering the secret behind Kalinda’s mysterious past, and the Florricks sleep together in the master bedroom for the first time since the scandal.