The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 14 - Net Worth
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Will takes on the defamation case of wunderkind internet billionaire Patric Edelstein, the 25-year-old founder of Patric is suing the makers of a biopic that he claims is defaming him, and while Will knows the case will be a tough sell he also knows that he can milk this 'cash cow' for hundreds of billable hours. After meeting with Patric in the deposition, however, Will begins believing in the kid. After a talk with Honeycutt, the cynical lawyer representing the studio, Will resolves to try and win the long-shot defamation case instead of just trying to milk it for the cash. While meeting with the screenwriter, though, Will gets a better idea: challenging Patric's right to publicity. If he claims that the studio is usurping Patric's right to control his own publicity, he can get a settlement without proving the much-more-difficult defamation claims.

Will's angle works. The studio offers Patric 35 million in settlement and the screenwriter gives Patric his public apology.

While Will is handling the case, Alicia is driving from Oregon to Chicago with her brother Owen. In a motel room in Wyoming, she finally admits to him that she has real feelings for Will. He tells her that she should go for it, but knows that she’ll never leave her husband. Alicia is not so sure. She finally confronts Will about the voicemail, but he tells her that all he said was that she made the right decision staying with Peter.

Meanwhile, the big news around town is a failed terrorist attack on Chicago. The three candidates have a powwow where they agree not to use it as a political weapon â€" they all have their hands somewhat dirty on this one. But while all three candidates secretly plan to useit to their advantage, Wendy strikes first, condemning Peter and Glenn in a public interview for their ties to letting future would-be terrorists out of jail.

Blake and Kalinda’s cold war turns hot when Kalinda uncovers one of Blake’s secrets: he’s working for drug kingpin LeMond bishop. They have a confrontation and finally get their animosity out in the open.