The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 17 - Ham Sandwich
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­When LeMond Bishop's wife leaves him, LG represents the drug kingpin in a series of increasingly nasty divorce proceedings. LeMond is intent on trying to reconcile with the woman he still loves, but she is resolute. He cheated on her, and now he has to pay. Alicia and Will must convince the court that their client is fit to be a father despite his underworld dealings or he could lose his family for good. Meanwhile, Kalinda is subpoenaed by a grand jury to answer for a variety of crimes she’s committed in the past. But is Glenn Childs actually after Kalinda, or is he really trying to take down Alicia and LG? Kalinda meets with Blake and Blake teaser her that he knows her secret and reveals that Kalinda slept with Peter in exchange for helping her with a situation.