The Good Wife
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Season 2: Episode 21 - In Sickness
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Lockhart/Gardner nemesis Patti Nyholm returns, this time defending a hospital in a liver transplant case. A woman with only weeks to live has been bumped from the transplant list, and our firm only has days to reverse the hospital’s decision before the liver goes to someone else. The case takes an unexpected turn when Nyholm turns the tables â€" she’s been wrongfully terminated by her firm due to her pregnancy, and she wants to hire Will and Alicia to take her case. But can she be trusted?

With the revelation of Peter's one night stand with Kalinda, Alicia takes action, throwing Peter out of their home, and deals with the emotional fallout from Peter, their children, and her mother-in-law Jackie.