The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 2 - The Death Zone
Posted on Oct 3, 2011 12:00am

­The author of a book about a Mount Everest expedition is being sued for libel, and Lockhart/Gardner is handling his case. The plaintiff claims that the book makes it look like he let a man die near the top of the mountain in order to get to the peak, and his reputation has suffered ever since. After Will gets the case dismissed in US court, though, the plaintiff decides to re-sue in the British courts. Lockhart/Gardner must defend their case again, this time in an unfamiliar judicial system where the burden of proof lies with the defendant. Meanwhile, Eli and Kalinda work together in order to try and uncover a political scandal before it happens.

As part of Peter’s duties as the new state’s attorney, he must find a law firm to handle the county’s civil needs. Diane believe that Lockhart/Gardner has the inside track to win the job, and she's startled when Peter seems to be setting them up by telling her that the firm will need to submit to a voluntary audit if they want to be considered for the contract. For the first time, the partners of Lockhart/Gardner question Alicia's true allegance.