The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 10 - Parenting Made Easy
Posted on Dec 5, 2011 12:00am

­Alicia mentors Caitlin through her first arbitration case, defending a college professor who claims she was laid off after refusing her bosses sexual advances. But when Alicia learns that opposing counsel is Martha, the associate that she wanted to hire over Caitlin in Ep. 305, the proceedings swiftly become more antagonistic. When testimony reveals another possible cause for the defendant’s job loss â€" her staunch right wing beliefs â€" the case becomes an issue of freedom of expression. This twist removes the damages cap originally imposed by the arbitrator, making it potentially far more lucrative for Lockart/Gardner. With so much more at stake, Martha’s boss Louis Canning starts taking a more active role in the case. It’s Alicia vs. Louis once more, this time clashing as the puppet masters of their first year associates.

While Alicia meets with Louis Canning, she checks her phone and realizes that she has twelve missed calls from her daughter Grace. When all attempts to track down Grace fail, Alicia fears the worst. As the hours pass, Alicia wonders if she’s been prioritizing her work and her relationship with Will above her family.