The Good Wife
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Season 3: Episode 12 - Alienation of Affection
Posted on Jan 9, 2012 12:00am

­Alicia, Will, Diane, and David Lee are being sued by a couple whose divorce Lockart/Gardner handled during Alicia’s first year with the firm. The couple, having now reconciled, claim that the firm deliberately split them up in order to make a commission on the liquidation of the company they started together. Their argument has some merit, too â€" David Lee used some less-than-savory methods in order to get full custody of the children for his client. But as the partners squabble over who was really at fault, the onus falls on Alicia, who as a first year associate was assigned to get their client to sign the crucial document that would let Lockhart/Gardner off the hook. A document that is now missing. As Wendy Scott-Carr’s investigation of Will heats up, he hires Elsbeth Tasconi to represent him and fight back.