The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Highlights: Season 5
Posted on Feb 12, 2014 08:35am

This season of The Good Wife has been full of major surprises. Check out a round-up of some of the highlights! Florrick/Agos The season kicks off right where Season 4 left off, Alicia at her front door with Cary, discussing their plans to break away from Lockhart/Gardner and establish their own firm. Diane's Interview Diane is told to throw Will under the bus to the press to get her judgeship. She initially refused, but then was swayed, only later to find out that Peter had put his foot down and was against her doing the interview. You Were Poison Literally, the split hit the fan in this episode. After Will hears about Alicia's plan to leave, he lashes out. It's clear that Will is genuinely hurt. First of all, you're fired Will assembles the partners to vote Alicia out and to fire the other fourth year associates. He views Alicia's exit as a personal betrayal just as much as a professional one. Things get personal between Peter and Will In this scene, we are treated to another great interaction between Peter and Will. After hearing the news of Alicia being fired, Peter tries to call her, but gets Will, who has confiscated her phone. Peter holds nothing back, yelling at Will for both sleeping with his wife and firing her. Kalinda plays Cary Fans were left wondering what side of the war Kalinda was on. Was she sticking with Will? Or is she going to let her friendship with Cary sway her? She definitely played both sides in this conflict. The Vetting Process Diane learned that Peter was vetting new candidates for the Supreme Court spot. Did Alicia's dismissal cost Diane the Supreme Court spot? Worried about being laid off, Robyn steps her game up Robyn to the rescue! Channeling her 'inner-kalinda,' Robyn proves her value to Florrick/Agos. LG's newest hire, Damian Boyle, takes some employees on a little "legal field trip." Against everyone's judgement, Will hires a reputed mob lawyer, Damian Boyle. To ease Diane's concern, she asks Kalinda to start vetting him and, of course, he was not very obliging. What's he hiding? Marilyn is naming her baby after who?! We've wondered all season who the father is, and at the Florrick/Agos Christmas party, we're given a little teaser. While speaking with Veronica, Marilyn discloses that she is having a boy, and naming him after the father...PETER. (insert Eli's spit take here) An Anonymous Tip Eli receives a call from a journalist who was given information that could sabotage Peter's career. She has acquired a video of election fraud! Is this scandal finally catching up with Peter? In better news, we find out that the father of Marilyn's baby is not Peter Florrick, but actually Peter Bogdanovich! Kalinda Comes Knocking We've all secretly hoped for a Cary/Kalinda reconciliation this season. But Cary wasn't going to let Kalinda back in without one last trick. Cary's fake out before going out for a drink with recognizes game. Inconclusive Since Will was Peter's lawyer at the time, he is bound by attorney-client privilege. Until Peter decides to waive attorney-client privilege Marilyn cannot finish her investigation, therefore calling it inconclusive. The case will land in the hands of the Feds, exactly what Alicia warned Peter about. How will the scandal play out? You'll just have to tune in Sunday, March 9th at 9/8c!