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13 Things We Learned From Taye Diggs' Live Tweet: Social Round Up

Posted on Sep 29, 2014 | 07:15am
The Good wife welcomed Taye Diggs on Sunday and he tweeted along with fans giving behind-the-scene scoop! 
1. He was excited to tweet with fans!
2. It was an honor to work alongside Valerie Jarrett.
3. Norah O'Donnell isn't afraid to push the boundaries.
4. Costume designer, Daniel Lawson, gets the credit for Taye's good style.
5. They get down to business on set.
6. Christine Baranski welcomed Taye with open arms.
7. Sometimes Taye was even shocked by what was happening.
8. Giving kudos to Robert and Michelle King.
9. Buckle up.
10. Drama.Drama.Drama
11. The infamous elevator.
12. Getting a shoutout from Valerie Jarrett is a pretty big deal.
13. A great first episode! Can't wait to see what happens next.