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The Good Wife Binge-Watch Guide: Season 4

A recap of the key episodes and important moments you need to know
Posted on Apr 19, 2016 | 08:20am
A popular legal and political drama, The Good Wife manages to be smart and funny while addressing today's hottest issues. For seven seasons, we've followed Alicia Florrick and her family through ever-evolving relationships, which set the stage for riveting story arcs, dynamic character growth, and nail-biting scenes.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the show with our guide to some of the biggest episodes of Season 4.

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Episode 1, Season 4: "I Fought the Law"

Will's six-month suspension ends and the firm has to deal with a trustee, Clarke Hayden, appointed to watch over their finances. Meanwhile, Alicia takes on Kalinda’s tax case and finds a lot more than she was bargaining for: namely, Sharma's dirty-dealing husband, Nick Saverese. The couple has a rocky past, to put it mildly.

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Episode 9, Season 4: "A Defense of Marriage"

We meet Alicia’s mother, Veronica Loy, for the first time when she approaches David Lee for help involving her late husband’s will. Veronica will be popping up throughout the series and often butts heads with Peter's mother, Jackie Florrick.

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Episode 13Season 4: "The Seven Day Rule"

The firm must face their new creditor—none other than Louis Canning—for an extension on their bankruptcy plan. Clarke Hayden, who has been a thorn in Lockhart/Gardner’s side, plays a particularly surprising part in the outcome of the hearing. Alicia is offered partnership, but something about it seems too good to be true.

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Episode 14Season 4: "Red Team, Blue Team"

Problems arise as the partners of the firm, which is finally out of debt, decide to postpone their previously-offered partnerships to many of the associates for a year. Tensions reach a boiling point when Cary and Alicia participate in a mock trial against Will and Diane. Elsbeth Tascioni, a brilliant and often hilarious lawyer whom we met earlier, returns to represent Eli Gold against the Department of Justice.

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Episode 18Season 4: "Death of a Client"

During the Chicago Shamrock Dinner, Alicia finds herself in a predicament when she must decide how much she needs to continue to protect a dead client. At the party, Peter and Mike Kresteva, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, come to blows. Later, Peter offers Diane her dream job should he become the Governor of Illinois.

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Episode 22, Season 4: "What’s in the Box"

Zach witnesses possible vote tampering on the night of the Illinois election, which leads to an emergency hearing. Alicia and Cary decide to expand their horizons.

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Season 4 at a glance:
  • After breaking things off in Season 3 due to external pressures, Alicia and Will return to their boss/employee relationship—but their chemistry and sexual tension remains undeniable.
  • Will Gardner is back from his six-month suspension to practice law.
  • Kalinda's husband, a violent, hot-headed business owner, attempts to weasel his way back into her life by hiring Lockhart/Gardner.
  • We meet Alicia's mother, Veronica Loy, who clearly does not get along with Peter's mother, Jackie.
  • Lockhart/Gardner finally makes it out of the red.
  • Republican candidate Mike Kresteva proves to be a tricky adversary to both Peter and Alicia as the gubernatorial race comes to a close.
  • Alicia and Cary reevaluate their futures at Lockhart/Gardner.

From Left: Mike Kresteva, Nick Savarese, and Veronica Loy

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