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The Good Wife Binge-Watch Guide: Season 5

A recap of the key episodes and important moments you need to know
Posted on Apr 20, 2016 | 08:35am
A popular legal and political drama, The Good Wife manages to be smart and funny while addressing today's hottest issues. For seven seasons, we've followed Alicia Florrick and her family through ever-evolving relationships, which set the stage for riveting story arcs, dynamic character growth, and nail-biting scenes.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the show with our guide to some of the biggest episodes of Season 5.

If you missed it, don't forget to get caught up with:When you're done, you can look ahead to:Remember that every episode of The Good Wife is available on demand with CBS All Access.

Episode 1, Season 5: "Everything is Ending"

The premiere episode of Season 5 perfectly sets the tone for the year ahead. Alicia and Cary continue to plan their exit from the firm while Eli helps Peter assemble his staff at the governor's office.

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Episode 5, Season 5: "Hitting the Fan"

The named partners hear that Alicia and Cary are planning to leave the firm. It’s safe to say that Will is a little upset. Actually, very upset. The newly formed Florrick/Agos battles against Lockhart/Gardner for clients.

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Episode 10, Season 5: "The Decision Tree"

Alicia must face Diane and Will, who represent a widow in court after her husband appeared to leave millions for her in his will. Meanwhile, Florrick/Agos plans a holiday party that makes Peter's staff nervous.

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Episode 14, Season 5: "A Few Words"

In preparation to deliver a keynote speech at the American Bar Association in New York City, Alicia keeps thinking back on her time with Will. Nelson Dubek, who was first introduced in the Season 4 finale, continues his voter fraud investigation.

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Episode 15, Season 5: "Dramatics, Your Honor"

Cary represents Alicia in her deposition during a voter fraud investigation. A shooting at the courthouse changes everything.

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Episode 16, Season 5: "The Last Call"

All the characters search for answers while reeling from the tragedy of the previous episode.

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Episode 22, Season 5: "A Weird Year"

In the Season 5 finale, Alicia and Cary consider a proposal to merge with Lockhart/Gardner/Canning, and Eli proposes that Alicia make a run for public office.

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From Left: Lemond Bishop's lawyer Charles Lester, Nelson Dubek, Finn Polmar, and Robyn Burdine

Season 5 at a glance:
  • We meet attorneys Finn Polmar, Charles Lester, and Damian Boyle; Peter's ethics advisor Marilyn Garbanza; and client (and Eli love interest) Natalie Flores. We also get to know more about Florrick/Agos private investigator Robyn Burdine.
  • Alicia and Cary split off from Lockhart/Gardner to form Florrick/Agos.
  • After an unspeakable tragedy, everyone must find a way to move forward.
  • Nelson Dubek refuses to drop his investigation into the voter fraud scandal from last season, making it clear that this is more of a personal vendetta than a professional one.
  • Alicia considers Eli's proposal to run for a public office all her own.
From Left: Natalie Flores, Marilyn Garbanza, and Damian Boyle

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