The Good Wife- Season 5: This Season So Far

Check out the highlights from this season!

Everything Is Ending

1. Everything Is Ending

Alicia and Cary plan their exit.
The Bit Bucket

2. The Bit Bucket

The firm sues the NSA on behalf of Neil Gross.
A Precious Commodity

3. A Precious Commodity

Will asks for Alicia's help in buying out Diane's partnership.
Outside The Bubble

4. Outside The Bubble

Diane takes refuge with Kurt, while being pushed out of the firm.
Hitting The Fan

5. Hitting The Fan

News breaks about Florrick/Agos.
The Next Day

6. The Next Day

WIll and Diane try and delay having to turn over case files to Florrick/Agos.
The Next Month

7. The Next Month

America Ferrera returns!

8. Whack-a-Mole

Diane and Will make their first visit to Florrick/Agos.
The Decision Tree

9. The Decision Tree

A former client of Alicia's left her millions...but soon finds out the will is not valid.