A Good Drink With The Good Wife

After a long day at the office, who wouldn't enjoy a nice drink?

1. Bonding Over Martinis

1. 1. Bonding Over Martinis

Martinis can make for a good night filled with laughter.
2. Margaritas With Mom

2. 2. Margaritas With Mom

After a hard day, ease the pain with a nice mother-daughter chat...and a few margaritas.
3. It's Hard To Get Drunk On Beer

3. 3. It's Hard To Get Drunk On Beer

Take some advice from Will, "just have to try harder."
4. A Glass of Red Wine with your Husband

4. 4. A Glass of Red Wine with your Husband

Play hooky from work and go out to lunch with your husband.
5. Tough Conversations

5. 5. Tough Conversations

When you're having a tough conversation, liquid courage can help ease the nerves.
6. Holiday Parties

6. 6. Holiday Parties

There is always so much to celebrate at the end of a good year.
7. Difficult Clients

7. 7. Difficult Clients

An interesting man, with an interesting drink. We're sure Colin Sweeney only drinks the best of the best.
8. The In-Laws

8. 8. The In-Laws

Always be sure to have a stocked bar when your in-laws come to town.
9. Asking For Favors

9. 9. Asking For Favors

Tequila shots always help to ease into a tough conversation.