Daniel Lawson's Top 5 Looks from "Open Source"

1. An Extra Punch

1. 1. An Extra Punch

This Lafayette 148  silk brocade suit is a stunning color and I thought the stand neck gave it an extra little punch in court.  I finished the suit with vintage bird gold pins.  They are two separate pins, but nestled them together to look like one.  
2. Vintage

2. 2. Vintage

Kurt's wardrobe is really fun to do.  In this look he wears a blue cotton tattersol shirt and quilted olive vest, both by Orvis.  A little tidbit about the belt buckle:  it is my personal belt buckle from when I was in junior high school!  It is vintage Mexican silver.  I thought it perfect for Kurt!!
3. Demure Business

3. 3. Demure Business

Always fun to have Nancy Crozier on set!!  This teal blue wool Narciso Rodriguez dress is the perfect demure business look for Nancy.  That being said, I love how it hugs the figure too!
4. Just Enough Color

4. 4. Just Enough Color

Diane wears another Lafayette 148 jacket in the episode.  This teal, white, gray and black jacket is a great way to have color without having too much color, which is always a challenge in court.  
5. Quirky

5. 5. Quirky

Marissa's quirky wardrobe includes this oversized floral print sweater by DVF.