Daniel Lawson's Top Looks from "Undisclosed Recipients"

1. Effortlessly Chic

1. 1. Effortlessly Chic

This tan and cream patterned jacket by Lafayette 148 is effortlessly chic.Just throw it on over a black base and you are good to go.  The necklace is from my line, DL for PONO (www.ponobyjoangoodman.com).
2. Playful Parti-Coloring

2. 2. Playful Parti-Coloring

Again, a little unexpected, this is The Joker Dress from my collection, 35•DL (www.35DL.net).  I love the playful parti-coloring of the light and charcoal grays.  It's a little something to catch the eye at the office while still completely appropriate for business!
3. Interesting and Unexpected

3. 3. Interesting and Unexpected

I thought this green and blue floral brocade suit by Zac Posen was very interesting and unexpected for Diane.  
4. Brocade Suit by Zac Posen

4. 4. Brocade Suit by Zac Posen

The seaming in the suit is magnificent - a real work of craftsmanship!
5. Simple and Classic

5. 5. Simple and Classic

Classic with a wonderful extra detail - this Escada white wool blazer has a wonderful modified scalloped edge that makes it incredibly interesting.
6. Scalloped Edge Provides Extra Detail

6. 6. Scalloped Edge Provides Extra Detail

7. Elegantly classic!

7. 7. Elegantly classic!

Alicia is the epitome of classic elegant power in this black Alexander McQueen wool jacket.  The white Pucci long sleeved draped front blouse and black Brunello Cucinelli black wool skirt finish the look perfectly.