Quiz: How Well Do You Know Season 6 Of The Good Wife?

Can you guess which character spouted some of this season's best lines?

1. Can you guess which character spouted some of this season's best lines?

The Good Wife writers are consistently stellar, but they may have outdone themselves in Season 6 with some truly brilliant lines. Who didn't appreciate Alicia's eloquence and strength under pressure, Finn's  flitatiousness, or Marissa's blunt honesty and quick wit? 

If you're a fan of the show—and really, why wouldn't you be?—then test your knowledge of the latest season by taking this quote quiz. 

2. "You're like an 18-year-old. Everything's about where you can stick it."

Alicia Florrick

3. Alicia Florrick

Episode 18, "Loser Edit"

As Alicia prepares to get out ahead of the ensuing scandal over her hacked emails, Peter gives her some political advice over a glass of wine. Alicia remarks on how oddly civil they're being—she likes it—but when Peter gets that look in his eye, she immediately shuts him down. He really can't help himself, can he?

4. "Well, unfortunately, accordion music kind of turns me on."

Finn Polmar

5. Finn Polmar

Episode 10, "The Trial"

Finn and Alicia have a little chat, alluding to their flirtation but deciding it's improprietous to continue meeting in bars over drinks, opting instead for pancakes in well-lit diners. But when Alicia suggests accordion music would set the right mood, Finn makes a cheeky joke. Oh, Finn!

6. "Every girl's bra size increases a letter when they become an avatar."

Marissa Gold

7. Marissa Gold

Episode 16, "Red Meat"

It's election day and Marissa is trying to help Alicia relax by getting her to play a video game, which makes for some pretty entertaining dialogue between all involved and some development in the Finn-Alicia plotline.

8. "I build my life on winning, on hating the enemy and loving my candidate."

Johnny Elfman

9. Johnny Elfman

Episode 4, "Oppo Research"

When they first meet, both Alicia and Johnny are pretty skeptical of each other. He's not sure he wants to run her campaign, while she's not even sure she wants to run. But Johnny makes a positive impression, at least in one regard, when he's bluntly honest about how he operates. How refreshing.

10. "I don't want to be remembered for a closeted dinosaur."

Alicia Florrick

11. Alicia Florrick

Episode 9, "Sticky Content"

When it's suggested voters think Alicia is a D.I.N.O.—"Democrat In Name Only"—she's worried about how to change their perceptions.

12. "I like working with people I don't necessarily agree with."


13. Reese "R.D." Dipple

Episode 16, "Red Meat"

Diane only learns R.D. is the kind client she'd like to bag after she spends an afternoon arguing with him about his conservative politics. But while she assumes she has blown any chance at signing him after showing her true colors, R.D. surprises her by suggesting their differences are exactly why he does want to work with her.

14. "Your job is to give her ChapStick and breath mints, not bust my balls."

Johnny Elfman

15. Johnny Elfman

Episode 15, "Open Source"

Marissa really isn't one to keep her opinion to herself, so, naturally, she calls out Johnny when she realizes he's given Alicia some bad advice in order to placate Eli. While Johnny knows she's right, and eventually remedies the issue, he doesn't exactly thank Marissa for pointing out his disloyalty. 

16. "And, this being Chicago, there's never any fraud at the polls."

Josh Mariner

17. Josh Mariner

Episode 15, "Open Source"

We didn't know it at the time, but Josh's sarcastic, off-hand remark about election fraud was some serious foreshadowing. Poor Alicia!

18. "Alicia is a good mother. She would never stab a teacher."

Jackie Florrick

19. Jackie Florrick

Episode 10, "The Trial"

When a joke between Alicia and her daughter gets mistaken for an actual threat against Grace's teachers, Jackie is there to state the obvious.

20. "Handsome men are so weak."

Marissa Gold

21. Marissa Gold

Episode 15, "Open Source"

A compliment and an insult in one—that's Marissa's M.O. She definitely cuts to Johnny's core when she suggests he's weak. After all, he has knowingly given Alicia some bad advice in order to protect himself from Eli's wrath. Marissa, on the other hand, has no problem defying her dad and making Peter look bad, which is why we like her so much!

22. "Go after Peter. Kill him. No mercy."

Johnny Elfman

23. Johnny Elfman

Episode 15, "Open Source"

Audiences across the country were cheering at their TV screens when Johnny put his career on the line for Alicia, telling her to challenge Peter's record as State's Attorney in order to bolster her own position, in a move sure to anger Eli. It was a pretty bold move...And totally hot!

24. "The law is supposed to be fair, not impersonal. In fact, I would argue that the law is always personal. It has to see the human side, too, or else it's meaningless."

Diane Lockhart

25. Diane Lockhart

Episode 18, "Loser Edit"

When R.D. goes off on Diane for getting "personal" and pulling his gay nephew into a debate on same-sex marriage (to which R.D. is opposed), she challenges his belief that the law shouldn't take real people into consideration. 

26. "No. I'm not a big voter. I'm in my 20s."

Marissa Gold

27. Marissa Gold

Episode 12, "The Debate"

You might have missed this line, which is another classic Marissa moment, because it was made off-handedly in the background of a scene. But that's the beauty of The Good Wife—the writers pay incredibly close attention to detail. And we love them for it!

28. "If you don't want a story to be told, it's better to tell it yourself."

Eli Gold

29. Eli Gold

Episode 18, "Loser Edit"

With Alicia's hacked emails having been handed over to the media, it's only a matter of time until they come out. Eli wants to spin them, for Alicia's sake and for Peter's, to look like she and Will had an inappropriate flirtation that never went beyond just talking. Of course, we all know that couldn't be further from the truth, but we're with Eli on this one.
Person 1:

30. Person 1: "You are pretty fresh, aren't you?"

Person 2: "It's my best feature. I've got the testicles of a 20-year-old."
Person 1: "Where? In your briefcase?"
Alicia Florrick and Guy Redmayne

31. Alicia Florrick and Guy Redmayne

Episode 13, "Dark Money"

Let's be real here—this Guy is kind of a perv. But Alicia knows exactly how to handle herself. That's our girl!

32. "Oh, I love the two prongs! Even as a kid we had two-pronged attacks."

Marissa Gold

33. Marissa Gold

Episode 18, "Loser Edit"

After Eli suggests a two-pronged attack on the reporters trying to expose Alicia's affair with Will, Marissa chimes in with her daily dose of comedic relief. You really can't help but love her. 

34. "Zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help!"

Alicia Florrick

35. Alicia Florrick

Episode 9, "Sticky Content"

Alicia is furious when she finds out Peter has been sleeping with yet another woman he works with, especially because the woman is a mutual friend they've known for years. While their marriage is nothing but a pretense at this point, and Alicia has had indiscretions of her own, she's upset, not because Peter cheated, but because he was dumb enough to get caught, thus putting her campaign in jeopardy. We're with you, sister! 

36. "Bishop could cure cancer and wipe out world hunger and they'd still want him."

Finn Polmar

37. Finn Polmar

Episode 19, "Winning Ugly"

Finn has been inside the machine. He knows the State's Attorney will stop at nothing to put Lemond Bishop behind bars, even if it means taking Diane down for something that wasn't her fault. 

38. "Yes, well, I don’t like my kids seeing who I sleep with. How could they get out in time for their abortions?"

Alicia Florrick

39. Alicia Florrick

Episode 4, "Oppo Research"

Alicia is not in a good mood after finding out, many months after the fact, that her son's girlfriend had an abortion. Finding out during a sit-down with Eli, Josh, and Johnny, who are only considering the political repercussions, just makes it worse. When they add fuel to the fire and bring up Finn, suggesting the two appear to be having an affair, Alicia is over it!

40. "You have a great bedside manner. ‘Don’t worry about it, but if you screw this up, everyone will die.'"

Marissa Gold

41. Marissa Gold

Episode 14, "Mind's Eye" 

Doing what she does best, Marissa lightens the mood while pointing out Johnny's shortcomings. In this instance, his lack of tact in telling Alicia that the interview she's about to give will make or break her campaign. But, you know, no pressure.

42. "I spent seven figures putting you into office. It won’t cost me nearly as much to get you out of it. "

Guy Redmayne

43. Guy Redmayne

Episode 17, "Undisclosed Recipients"

Guy can't believe Alicia's audacity when she ignores his suggestion for whom she should appoint to be her right-hand man—we know she's already secretly reserved the job for Finn—especially after he spent so much money on her campaign! Apparently this Guy thinks he can just buy politicians. Why are we not surprised?

44. "If I were to set off a bomb in this room, we'd have Democratic presidents for the next 30 years."

Diane Lockhart

45. Diane Lockhart

Episode 16, "Red Meat"

When Diane agreed to go on a hunting trip with her hubby, she had a feeling the atmosphere would be a bit more conservative than she's used to, but what she wasn't expecting was to be surrounded by the Who's Who of the right wing. It turns out Kurt's hunting buddies have comically deep pockets and more political influence than most of Congress. 


46. "I’m disgusted by the personal nature of politics. I hate campaigns being treated like bad reality shows, how lives are exposed and human beings treated like commodities."

Frank Prady

47. Frank Prady

Episode 7, "Message Discipline"

Even though he was up against our girl this season, we couldn't help but like Frank for sticking to his principles and trying to run a clean campaign. He also went a lot easier on Alicia than others would have gone.
Person 1:

48. Person 1: "I liked your old office better. This is more like a dentist office."

Person 2: "We’re saving money."
Person 1: "I thought Chicago was corrupt. Can’t you just steal more?"
Marissa Gold

49. Marissa Gold

Episode 1, "The Line"

Have we mentioned we love Marissa? I guess we just can't say it enough. She has some of the best comedic lines on the show. Sadly, her dad doesn't appreciate her sense of humor like we do.