15 Perfect Quotes From Eli Gold

"I am the smartest person I know."

"The one thing I hate is amateurs."

"You just lost your greatest asset and made your worst enemy."

"America doesn't suck. People suck."

"Why is everything so difficult?"

"We are not in 5th grade ethics class. We’re here to win."

"I lie 24/7 for my job. It’s actually a gift."

"The world chews up idealistic people."

"If Jason’s on fire, let him burn."


"We’re not in the business of letting personal concerns affect our professional concerns."

"The most powerful men are the ones no one knows exist."

"If you don't want a story told, it's better to tell it yourself."

"I know I don't seem like the warm and understanding type. But this is my warm and understanding face."

"No one disappears. They all come back, like zombies."