15 Things Every Good Wife Fan Is Thankful For

There's so much to love about The Good Wife

1. There's so much to love about The Good Wife

What do we love about The Good Wife? Here's an even better question: What don't we love about The Good Wife?

The fast-paced drama continues to provide unforgettable moments, heart-stopping cliff-hangers, and ever-evolving relationships. 

Click through to see some of our favorite things about the show, and remember you can catch every episode of The Good Wife with CBS All Access!
Alicia and Peter's relationship

3. Alicia and Peter's relationship

The Florricks are a force to be reckoned with. In both public and private life, they have experienced significant ups and downs yet manage to remain by each other's sides—literally. Their relationship is nuanced but it works for them.
Alicia's romances

5. Alicia's romances

Alicia has struggled to find happiness in love. Even though she's been hurt, she keeps trying and we're always rooting for her.
Happy hour

6. Happy hour

Sometimes you just have to unwind with drinks shared between friends, enemies, coworkers, criminals, and even family.
Cary's evolution

7. Cary's evolution

We met Cary Agos when he was an up-and-coming hot-shot lawyer—and a fierce rival of Alicia's. Over the years, he's had her back when she needed him most.
Diane's statement jewelry

8. Diane's statement jewelry

Everything about Diane Lockhart is a statement—her presence, her sharp wit, and her necklaces.
Jeffrey. Dean. Morgan.

9. Jeffrey. Dean. Morgan.

Jason Crouse has brought out something new in Alicia Florrick this season. Oh, and he's so swoon-worthy!
Lucca's ability to throw shade

11. Lucca's ability to throw shade

Season 7 is the unofficial year of Lucca's side-eye.
All things David Lee

12. All things David Lee

For someone who specializes in family law, David Lee isn't exactly family friendly. His quips, jabs, and flat out burns add more than a little fire to the office.
Alicia's extended family

13. Alicia's extended family

Even Alicia's private life is full of characters.
Alicia's diverse—and sometimes dangerous—clients

14. Alicia's diverse—and sometimes dangerous—clients

Over the seasons, Alicia has represented giant tech moguls, drug kingpins, alleged serial killers, and just about everyone in between.