10 Things We'll Miss About Diane Lockhart

Her ability to annihilate courtroom opponents

2. Her ability to annihilate courtroom opponents

Diane is a heavy-hitter who never seems intimidated in a male-dominated field—to the contrary, her name can strike fear in other litigators. She leads the charge, claims victory for her clients, and wipes the floor with her competition.
Her work ethic

3. Her work ethic

There's a reason her name is on the letterhead. Diane has made sacrifices over the course of her career, but her hard work has clearly paid off.
Her biting wit

4. Her biting wit

She's clever, thoughtful, and careful with her words. If you're looking for a serious tongue-lashing, look to Diane Lockhart.
Her resilience

5. Her resilience

Diane has experienced her fair share of hardships over the seasons. She has lost her long-time best friend and partner, been denied a judgeship that was all but promised to her, and had to make strategic and sometimes painful career moves. Whether Diane is facing a triumph or tragedy, she faces the world with her head held high.
Her personal convictions

6. Her personal convictions

Diane hates the idea of putting money before her values. She has received a lot of grief from her fellow partners for her insistence on tackling pro-bono cases, but she refuses to back down from her principles both in the courtroom and in her personal life.
Her creativity

7. Her creativity

Diane’s deep knowledge of both state and federal law have gotten her far in her career, but it’s her ability to craft the perfect argument that has kept her at the top.
Her fashion sense

8. Her fashion sense

Few on television can hold a candle to Diane Lockhart’s scene-stealing style. From her perfectly coiffed hair to her well thought-out ensembles, Diane is the most fashionable of legal foes.
Her ability to forgive

9. Her ability to forgive

Some events in life are tough to swallow. After Will’s death, Diane was able to put aside her ill feelings toward Alicia, as the two came together to support each other in the face of the terrible tragedy.
Her keen perception

10. Her keen perception

Nothing gets passed Diane Lockhart. Like a shark, Diane can smell something in the water well before anybody else around. She knows when to be cautious and is always perceptive—traits that make her an incredibly powerful attorney.
Her unwavering love for her husband

11. Her unwavering love for her husband

Diane is firmly locked into her personal beliefs, but that never prevents her from expanding her horizons—like when she joined Kurt on a hunting excursion with a bunch of Republicans. Diane and her ballistics expert husband could not be more polarized politically, but they couldn't be more united personally.