Season 4

Episode Guide

Marriage-A-Thon Cruise / The Promoter - Part 2

S4 E3
Nov 02, 1980
Romance and comic intrigue reign on the high seas as 25 engaged couples board the Pacific Princess to compete in a "Marriage-A-Thon Cruise" and contest that takes Capt. Stubing, his crev! and their guests on a beautiful scenic journey from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands through the Panama Canal to the Mexican Riviera for a star-studded mass wedding in a special two-hour episode. Darren McGavin, as dynamic promoter Larry Evans, recruits the services of "The Love Boat" to take the brides-and-grooms-to-be --- who are competing for a house, a car, and $50,000 in cash --- on a cruise that will wind up in a mass wedding in Acapulco. Although he can promote love, he finds out that his beautiful wife, Sheila (Debbie Reynolds), wants a divorce --- especially after she discovers that he has fixed the contest. "THE PROMOTER" was written by Ben Joelson and Art Baer. In "THE JUDGES," Gopher's life may be in danger after Doc plays a trick on him when Gopher gets too much attention from two beautiful judges, Valerie Madden (Dawn Wells) and Rina Ward (Ann Jillian). This episode was written by Tony Webster. In "THE FAMILY PLAN," written by Fred S. Fox and Seaman Jacobs, future bride Terry Walker (Erin Moran) and her husband-to-be, Ted Lawrence (Brian Kerwin), are in for a romantic surprise when Terry's mother (Kathie Browne) and Ted's father (Peter Graves) board the ship hoping that their respective children will call off the wedding. In "FOREVER ENGAGED," Tom McMahon (Ted Knight) and Mary Hubbell (Rue McClanahan) who have been engaged for nine years, suddenly find out that it's difficult to say, "I do," when they decide to get married. This segment was written by Tony Webster. A beautiful young woman (Charlene Tilton) finds out more about the men in her life when her fiance doesn't show up, sending his best man, Marv Prine (Donny Most), to keep her company and give her some heartbreaking news in "MAY THE BEST MAN WIN," written by producers Ben Joelson and Art Baer. Roger Duchowny directed the five episodes.

The Mallory Quest/ The Offer/ Julie, The Vamp - Part 2

S4 E6
Nov 15, 1980
"The Love Boat" sails on a fantastic voyage to the most exciting ports in the Caribbean with a famed mystery writer (Pernell Roberts) who is willing to pay $100,000 to one of his hand-picked guests to solve the mystery of his missinn nephew; a wealthy man (Dick Van Patten) offers the captain a high paying job in New York that is too good to resist; Julie is accused by a woman (Lani O'Grady) of stealing her fiance (Bart Braverman), and Doc falls in love with a married woman on a special two-hour episode. Soon after boarding, famed mystery writer Brian Mallory (Pernell Roberts), accompanied by his beautiful wife, Janet (Gayle Hunnicutt), asks Gopher to deliver very special boxes to three passengers. Receiving them are Marcia Rand (Connis Stevens), accompanied by her narcissistic boyfriend (Peter Lupus); Marvin Jones (Jimmy Walker), and Pete Andrews (Skip Stephenson), who is being spied upon by gorgeous woman (Maren Jensen). Mallory further surprises Gopher by giving him a box after he has made his baffling deliveries. It is learned that Mallory has brought these people together to help him in his island search to find his only living relative, his missing nephew, Tom, and that these few were the last ones to see him. Heighting the mystery, that concludes on the island of Puerto Rico, is the eerie presence of sinister Lucius Kirgo (Sorrell Booke). Further expanding the search and offering an important clue to the disappearance is Marcel (Walter Slezak), whc.. the group meets on the island of Martinique. Meanwhile Doc becomes more infatuated with Mallory's wife, whom the author treats coldly and cruelly. "THE MALLORY QUEST" was written by Stephen Kandel and Harvey Bullock from a story by Stephen Kandel. In "THE OFFER," written by R.S. Allen, an old friend (Dick Van Patten) of the captain comes on board to make Stubing give up the sea for a lucrative position in Neri York. When Stubing finds out that his daughter, Vicki, would like to live in û big city, he seriously considers accepting the offer to make her happy. Julie must come to grips with an insanely jealous woman (Lani O'Grady) who accuses Julie of trying to steal her fiance (Bart Braverman), a man Julie knew years before. Matters become worse when the woman thinks that Julie and her fiance have spent the night together. "JULIE, THE VAMP" was written by R.S. Allen and Harvey Bullock.

The Model Marriage/ Too Clothes For Comfort/ Original Sin/ This Year's Model/ Vogue Rogue - Part 2

S4 E26
May 03, 1981
Dazzling high fashion, romance, intrigue and comedy reign on beautiful seas as the Love Boat sails with a star-studded guest cast on a thrilling cruise to Acapulco for a glamorous festival highlighted by a fashion show featuring four of America's most famous clothing designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Cloria Vanderbilt-- guest starring as themselves, in a special two-hour episode. Also starring in the fashion cruise are Anne Baxter, Morgan Brittany, Debra Clinger, Mike Connors, Christina Ferrare, Richard Gilliland, Jayne Kennedy, Dick Shvan, Bobby Short, Elke Sommer, Camilla Spary, McLean Stevenson and Robert Vaughn. Anne Baxter and McLean Stevenson guest star as owners of a model agency who find that their marriage is in serious trouble when their tempers flare over the use of one of their models (Camilla Sparv) who has captured the captain's eye. "A MODEL MARRIAGE," was written by Tony Webster. In "THIS YEAR'S MODEL," written by Richard Albrecht and Casey Keller, Julie becomes a show-stopper when she models in place of her beautiful model friend (Christina Ferrare) who has fallen in love. Robert Vaughn stars a cosmetics king Charles Paris, who is searching for a unique woman to represent his new product. When Paris meets a beautiful model (Morgan Brittany), accompanied by another knockout (Jayne Kennedy), it's a surprising event when the winner is announced. "ORIGINAL SIN" was written by Barry Blitzer. À handsome industrial spy (Mike Connors) sets out to relieve a beautiful designer (Elke Sommer) of her latest creations, but falls in love, in "VOGUE, ROGUE," written by Berry Blitzer. In "TOO CLOTHES FOR COMFORT," written by Richard Albrecht and Casey Keller, it's a battle of the wits when the daughter (Debra Clinger) of (Dick Shawn) loses his latest line with the help of the man she loves (Richard Gilliland).