17 Things You Didn’t Know About Familiar TV Props

The Big Wheel

1. The Big Wheel

The Price is Right's big wheel has been exciting contestants since 1972 by granting spinners a chance to move on to the Final Showcase. But did you know that initially the wheel did not have to complete a full spin to count? However, after some early weak spins aiming for the $1.00, the rule was changed to require a full spin from every contestant lucky enough to give it a shot.
Geoff Peterson, The Robot Skeleton

2. Geoff Peterson, The Robot Skeleton

Craig Ferguson's bony sidekick, Geoff the robot skeleton, has become quite the crowd favorite over the years. It all started in spring 2010 when "Mythbusters" star Grant Imahara challenged Ferguson that if he could help his Twitter page reach 100,000 followers, then he would build in return a robot sidekick for the Scottish host. That's when Geoff was born (voiced by comedian Josh Robert Thompson) and has been an integral part of the show ever since, with hilarious one-liners always in store for the live audience.

3. "Secretariat"

Another of Craig Ferguson's sidekicks is Secretariat, the giant costumed horse, that was introduced to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2010. While reading fan mail, someone asked Ferguson if he had seen the Disney movie, "Secretariat" which he had not, but he took the opportunity to produce a fake trailer featuring Secretariat’s first appearance. After many dance appearances on other episodes, the sidekick soon was here to stay.
Steve's Marquis

4. Steve's Marquis

Steve McGarrett drove three different Mercury Marquis in the run of the original series, Hawaii Five-0. (He also drove a Mercury Parklane.) The 1974 Mercury Marquis, his signature car, is on loan from a retired stunt double named John Norlund. Jack Lord, who played Steve McGarrett in the original series, gave the car to Norlund when the series wrapped.
Plinko Chip

6. Plinko Chip

Fans love The Price is Right's game Plinko, where contestants can earn up to five chips and then send them soaring down the Plinko board for cash winnings. To celebrate the popular game's 30th anniversary, the first all-Plinko episode aired on June 27, 2013.

7. Slop

Some Houseguests on Big Brother known as "Have-Nots", have the privilege of eating "slop" as their only meal for a minimum of one week. Surprisingly, this mixture of oats, protein powder, vitamins and minerals is actually one of the healthiest foods in the Big Brother house. What's the longest a Houseguest was on slop? Four weeks.
The Power of Veto

8. The Power of Veto

For 16 seasons, Big Brother Houseguests have competed for the golden Power of Veto each week for the option to save themselves or a friend from the chopping block before the dreaded live eviction. Did you know the Power of Veto was used 11 times in Season 15, the most out of any Season – and only once in Season 3, which is the least of any Season? That's one powerful little medallion.
Chestnut, the Horse

9. Chestnut, the Horse

You may be familiar with Chestnut, the horse, on 2 Broke Girls, who is Caroline Channing's (Beth Behrs) pet that lives in the garden of Max Black's (Kat Dennings) apartment. "Rocky" is the name of the first horse to act as Chestnut and more recently, the hilarious horse is played by "Gunner," who some fans say looks a tad different.

10. The "Bat Jar"

In an Episode 13 on Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) gives Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) a Batman cookie jar to soften the news of him being kicked out of their Physics Bowl team. It was one of the most science-filled episodes and the Bat Jar has been around ever since.
The Torch Snuffer

11. The Torch Snuffer

Each time a castaway is eliminated at Tribal Council on Survivor, host Jeff Probst uses a snuffer to extinguish their torch while using the famous line, "The tribe has spoken." While most of the show's memorabilia is auctioned for charity, Probst keeps the snuffers as souvenirs.
The Rattlesnake Mug

12. The Rattlesnake Mug

You'll find this mug on the desk every night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It was originally a gag gift from actress Mary McCormack in 2009 when she brought it with her from the Albuquerque's National Rattlesnake Museum. Visit the CBS Store to buy your very own Rattlesnake Mug.
Bert, the Hippo

13. Bert, the Hippo

On NCIS, you can frequently catch Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) holding onto her hippo named Bert. Who thought up the idea of Bert? Writer, John C. Kelley. Where was Bert first purchased? From a tourist shop from a California zoo by the set's propmaster.
The Couch

15. The Couch

There's no denying that Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) has a connection with Teresa Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) couch in The Mentalist. For Jane, this couch is the fortress in which he is able to sleep with ease especially with his insomnia. Jane's contract with the FBI allowed him a work space to his specifications and he chose this couch.
Route Marker

16. Route Marker

You may have seen these route markers on every season of The Amazing Race. Most are attached to the boxes that contain clue envelopes, while others mark the place where the teams must go to complete a task. The original route markers in Season 1 were colored yellow and white, but were later changed to yellow and red.
ZIngbot 3000

17. ZIngbot 3000

The robot, Zingbot 3000, was first introduced in Season 12 of Big Brother. During random appearances, Zingbot throws out hilariously timed insults/”zings!” at cast members. Check out Zingbot's visit to the Big Brother house in Season 16.