Puppy Bowl on TPIR!

Who is in the box?!

1. Who is in the box?!

We just received a fresh shipment of Puppy Bowl pups to stop by "The Price is Right".

It's a Pup!

2. It's a Pup!

All the dogs on the show (and on the Puppy Bowl) came from local shelters and are available for adoption.

Hands Full

3. Hands Full

Models Rachel Reynolds and Manuela Arbelaez had their hands full dealing with these guest stars!

Drew &

4. Drew & "Drew"

We can’t decide who’s happier, Drew Carey the host or “Drew Carey” the dog. Puppy love!

Puppin' Around

5. Puppin' Around

Our puppy contestants took some time to explore the stage. 

Come on Down

6. Come on Down

“Drew Carey(the pup), come on down!"

Bidders Row

7. Bidders Row

Bidders Row has never looked cuter!


8. Overload

We had a hard time handling all the cuteness. 

Big Winner

9. Big Winner

“Drew Carey”(the pup) won the trip to New York (and our hearts!) and will be appearing in the Puppy Bowl on Sunday.