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Josh and Julianne

1. Josh and Julianne

How cute were Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough presenting their showcase! "Safe Haven" in theaters on Valentine's Day!
It's a Rat Race

2. It's a Rat Race

RATS!! It's maintenance day on The Price Is Right!

3. Paris!

Contestant Angela sent in this picture from her trip to Paris, France!
Winner Winner!

4. Winner Winner!

It really happened...Curtis got lucky with TWO cars!
Getting Steamy

5. Getting Steamy

Getting "steamy" on the set with male model Rob Wilson. Wow!
Mother and Son Winners!

6. Mother and Son Winners!

How amazing is this...contestant Debbie and her son Richard BOTH won cars on The Price Is Right a few months apart! Here they are with their new rides.
First Day on Set

7. First Day on Set

Check out the new PRICE male model, Rob Wilson (@MrRobertScott), rehearsing during his first day on set!
Rob Wilson on Set!

8. Rob Wilson on Set!

First day on set for Rob Wilson with Manuela Arbelaez and Amber Lancaster!
Contestant Winner Pic

9. Contestant Winner Pic

Contestant Artesha sent us a pic from her beautiful #SanDiegoVacation. Yep! Won it here at #PriceisRight
Judges Table

10. Judges Table

Check out the judges table from our Male Model search. @Rachel1Reynolds, @MrsGwennieSmith, @AmberLancaster @ManuelaArbelaez
Yodely Guy

11. Yodely Guy

Yodely guy touched down in #NYC!
Celebrity Nametags

12. Celebrity Nametags

Check out autographed The Price Is Right nametags from all our guests during Celebrity Week including How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris, actress Jenny McCarthy, supermodel Heidi Klum, and musical artists Chris Daughtry, and Snoop Dogg!
Male Model Search

13. Male Model Search

Check out some of The Price Is Right 's male model contenders getting crafty on the set!
Panel of Judges

14. Panel of Judges

Who will be able to get past this panel of judges to be our first Male model?! Watch The Price Is Right Male model search, September 24!
Yodely Guy at the Jersey Shore

15. Yodely Guy at the Jersey Shore

Yodely Guy at the Jersey Shore
Lucky Winner

16. Lucky Winner

Lucky winner Maria took her Gucci Fiat home!
Yodely Guy Hits Camden Yards

17. Yodely Guy Hits Camden Yards

#CalRipken's streak has nothing on #YodelyGuy - he's been climbing the mountain for 36 consecutive years. And he's never missed a day!
Nastia Liukin

18. Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin tweets, "Thank you @tpir_cbs and @DrewFromTV for having me on The Price is Right :)"
Episode Sneak Peek

19. Episode Sneak Peek

"Hangin backstage with @curtis_stone and Harry!l Lucky us."
Montgomery Gentry

20. Montgomery Gentry

Catch Montgomery Gentry @mgunderground on #TPIR March 29 for @ACMawards themed-Show!
George Gray's Bike

21. George Gray's Bike

Check out George Gray's amazing motorcycle he drives to work at #PriceIsRight.
Model Chairs

22. Model Chairs

Behind the scenes picture of our model's chairs!
Yodely Combots 2012!

23. Yodely Combots 2012!

Yodely Guy at the ComBots fighting robot champ Last Rites. His pickaxe is dwarfed by the spinning steel bar!
Marine Band

24. Marine Band

So fun watching the Marine Corps band practice. Don't miss our Veterans Day episode today.
Designer Sneak Peek

25. Designer Sneak Peek

Check out designer Danielle Nicole @DanielleN_Bags on The Price Is Right on Tuesday, Nov. 13th!

26. SDSU!

Yocelin from San Diego State University, #ComeOnDown! #PriceisRight @sdsu_newsteam

27. Karen

Look how surprised Karen is to "Come on Down" on The Price is Right.
Drew's Chair

28. Drew's Chair

Drew Carey's spot to get ready for the show.

29. Yodel

Yodely guy thinks he has his own star wagon on the lot...really.
Mary BMW Winner!

30. Mary BMW Winner!

Check out this BMW Motorcycle Mary won on the Price is Right!
Showcase Podium

31. Showcase Podium

Look at this showcase podium from years ago! So Retro!
Price Props

32. Price Props

Some of our favorite Price is Right props!
Model Wardrobe

33. Model Wardrobe

Are you ready for a "quick change"?

34. Rob

Caught Rob Wilson hanging backstage from his first Price is Right photoshoot!
Yodel Guy

35. Yodel Guy

Yodely Guy lends a hand backstage!
Are You Ready?

36. Are You Ready?

George Gray says "What's up" to The Price Is Right studio audience.
Is That Santa?

37. Is That Santa?

Nope, just contestant Cody getting his chance to come on down!
Rob & Amanda

38. Rob & Amanda

Rob snaps a picture with one of his many fans! How cute is her shirt?
Disney Trip Winner

39. Disney Trip Winner

Winner Fred chills with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland! The Price Is Right prizes rock!
What Is It?

40. What Is It?

Can you guess which game this piece is from?
I Mustache You For Your Bid

41. I Mustache You For Your Bid

Drew Carey has a little fun with a mustache, he will "shave" the pricing games for later.

42. "Paws" The Taping!

Hold up..."paws"! There's a tiger in The Price Is Right studio! Did Lets Make A Deal lose something? Oops, wrong audience.
T-Shirt Tuesday!

43. T-Shirt Tuesday!

Shoutout to our friends "2 Broke Girls"!
Danielle Demski

44. Danielle Demski

We've gone and done it again Danielle Demski joins The Price is Right party all week long!
9/24 T-Shirt Tuesday

45. 9/24 T-Shirt Tuesday

He followed directions! T-shirt Tuesday get your pets spayed and neutered!

46. Plinko!

Check out Plinko from 1983! Oh how the years go by!
Tshirt Tuesday

47. Tshirt Tuesday

"I'm too sexy for my hair!" #TShirtTuesday #Fighter #BreastCancerAwareness
Melissa Rycroft

48. Melissa Rycroft

Melissa Rycroft is dancing her way around our stage! She's here all week!
Carrie Keagan

49. Carrie Keagan

Carrie Keagan, welcome to PriceisRight! So great to have you here for BigMoneyWeek!
T-Shirt Tuesday

50. T-Shirt Tuesday

Who's Prize Is It Anyways? - Our Big Money Week Winner rocking the T-shirt Tuesday!
Karla Mosley

51. Karla Mosley

She is always Bold-- she is forever Beautiful-- and she's back today on #PriceIsRight!
Daniel Goddard

52. Daniel Goddard

Daniel Goddard, so great to have you back on #PriceIsRight! What's your favorite #Price game?
Melissa Ordway

53. Melissa Ordway

Melissa Ordway - Oh Hi! Great to have you on the show! We can't wait to get the dish on Abby from Y&R!