The "Yodely Guy," of Cliffhanger fame, has trekked down the mountain to join you on an adventure. Follow the instructions below to share your travels with him...and us now!
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Steps to Follow to Participate

Print Version

  1. Download the print version
  2. Cut him out and take photos with him
  3. Tweet your photo @priceisright and use the hashtag #YodelyGuy

Digital Version

  1. Download the digital version
  2. Add photo to your existing travel photos using a photo editing program
  3. Tweet your photo @priceisright and use the hashtag #YodelyGuy


We can’t wait to see photos of Yodely Guy with you, your pet, your favorite locations and more -- so share them with us on Twitter and maybe you’ll see yourself in our Yodely Guy photo gallery!
  • Please do not include other people in your photo.
  • Please do not include anything offensive, indecent or in bad taste.
  • Please do not change the appearance of the "Yodely Guy."
Check out the full guidelines here.