Aisha Tyler Reveals Her Family's Struggle: 'It's Never Too Late To Rekindle A Relationship'

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 | 11:20am
As the hosts of The Talk delve deeper into personal issues, nothing is off limits—including personal heartbreak and family struggles.

On Wednesday, Aisha Tyler introduced her sister, Feri Tyler, to help explain what they went through during their parents' divorce. Aisha described the emotional turmoil that marked her childhood, including how her parents announced their divorce on Christmas Eve. As Aisha recalls, the real pain came later, when she and her sister were separated due to limited resources.

"My dad took me, and my mom took my sister," Aisha explained with Feri by her side. "We really didn't have each other to lean on."

The sisters lived separate lives, and therefore had different experiences. A four-year age gap was partially to blame, but without constant interaction, they didn't talk much. Over time, their relationship suffered, and they felt an absence in their lives.
As the two entered adulthood, they realized a vital piece was missing. With tears in her eyes, Aisha explained how the two worked to repair their relationship and reclaim their sisterhood.

"It's never too late to rekindle a relationship with a sibling," an emotional Aisha stated.

Feri agreed, adding, "Just talk and that cures everything."

Aisha went on to explain how her sister also shaped her views on gay rights. "I have a lot of people close to me who are gay, including my sister, who actually didn't come out until she was as an adult," Aisha said. Feri took the opportunity to encourage others to embrace their identities.

"Life is a whole lot better now when you’re living your real self, instead of trying to make other people happy," she said.

Aisha and Feri's heartfelt story certainly touched viewers, as fans shared their compassion and connection to Aisha's story:
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Watch Aisha's entire reveal below:

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