'NCIS' Stars Pauley Perrette And Sean Murray On Their Strong 'Connection'

Posted on Sep 24, 2015 | 01:35pm
With Season 13 of NCIS underway, fans are eager to know how one of the most pivotal relationships is faring.

Rest assured: Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) have nothing but love for one another. The actors appeared on The Talk Thursday with their arms around each other and huge smiles on their faces. Just like on the show, the pair are great friends in real life. Not only do they hang out when they're not filming, but they also enjoy surprising each other with fun, thoughtful gifts. Although, don't expect Perrette to settle for fruit baskets. 

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"Pauley is the animal rescue queen," Murray said to applause from the crowd before revealing a photo of the sweet rescue cat Perrette gave him earlier this year, which he named Abby. "I love her to death."

When asked about how their characters' relationship has changed since the beginning of the series, both actors agreed that it organically seems to improve each season, crediting the growth to their own chemistry.

"It's been wonderful," Murray said. "I mean, from the second I met Pauley, we had this sort of connection." 

"[Our characters are] not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but they adore each other," Perrette added, later noting that "You don't have to be creepy when you're somebody's ex." 

As they dove further into their NCIS world, both actors confessed that no one was more excited about the premiere than guest star Jon Cryer. 

The former Two And A Half Men star has loved the naval drama since it first aired 13 years ago, and this season, he finally had the chance to join his favorite characters on screen. 

"He's our biggest fanboy," Perrette joked. 

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