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Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Just How Far She'll Go As A Mom

From gaming conferences to shelving her career, this mom has done a lot.
Posted on Nov 10, 2015 | 01:20pm
Everyone knows that moms are do-it-all superheroes who consistently do everything they can for their children, and Jamie Lee Curtis proved she's no exception. 

The beloved actress shared adorable—yet slightly spooky—photos of her most recent trip with her son to a gaming convention in Southern California. 

"My beautiful son Tom is a gamer, and this is my third convention of the year," Curtis told The Talk hosts on Tuesday.

Decked out in her best cosplay outfit, Curtis looked like a complete natural amongst the thousands of other gaming fans. But, when you're as well-known as Curtis, sometimes face paint just doesn't cut it. 

"It's a little tough for me to walk around, because I'm a little noticeable," Curtis laughed. "So, I have to go incognito. If I keep moving, nobody recognizes me."

While dressing up and embodying different characters might not be everyone's idea of family bonding, it's simply in Curtis' blood. Her late mother, actress Janet Leigh, is best remembered as the ultimate cinema scream queen in Pyscho, which is perfectly fitting with Curtis's latest television role as a college dean embroiled in a mysterious series of campus murders in Scream Queens

This week, Curtis pays tribute to her mother's legacy—something she never thought she'd do. 

"[The show] wrote a scene in the shower that was reminiscent of one my mom did," Curtis said. "I've avoided the shower—I've avoided all of it—for a very long time. I always felt that it was my mother's legacy."

But, Curtis admitted that the timing felt right, and she was ready to dip her toes into the water. 

"Obviously, it was thrilling, it was emotional," Curtis said. "You know, I texted my sister crying ... it's a big deal." 

What are some of the things you've done for your children or that a parent has done for you? Share in the comments or online using the hashtag #EverybodyTalks!

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