Tom Selleck Reveals That He Almost Shaved His Mustache For Blue Bloods

The actor talked about his long career, his iconic facial hair, and Season 7 of Blue Bloods.
Posted on Oct 26, 2016 | 01:10pm
Actor Tom Selleck stopped by The Talk on Wednesday to chat about his long career, his iconic mustache, and why he still loves starring in the CBS hit drama Blue Bloods after seven years. 


For decades, fans have admired Selleck's supple 'stache; but, there was once a time when he considered shaving it off for his role as Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. Before they started filming the hit show, Selleck asked Executive Producer Leonard Goldberg whether his upper-lip fringe was appropriate for his character.

"I said, 'I don't know whether an ex-cop who's a police commissioner can have a mustache, and how about if I shave it off,'" Selleck said. "Leonard Goldberg said, 'I think we oughta talk to CBS about that,' and they said no." 

While Selleck would look great clean-shaven, we can't get enough of his classic look!

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