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Tell Me A Story Star Paul Wesley Admits Which Scary Movie Freaked Him Out Most

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Posted on Dec 16, 2019 | 12:00pm
For someone who's made a career of vampires and twisted fairy tales, one would think Paul Wesley has iron nerves.

Apparently that just isn't so, and the Tell Me A Story actor admitted to the hosts of The Talk which scary movie left him spooked for life.

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Wesley hinted to the hosts that his character on Season 2 of Tell Me A Story is involved in some particularly creepy happenings. As part of the "Sleeping Beauty" storyline, he discussed his character's insomnia and how it leads him to do "some very extreme, dark things."

Despite being in the position to be the one scaring viewers, Wesley admitted to Carrie Ann he's actually very easily scared himself. The host wanted to know if there were any films or TV shows that especially frightened him and Wesley relayed just how shaken one film in particular, The Blair Witch Project, once left him.

Wesley described how his lack of knowledge around the film was what made it terrifying, explaining, "...this is way before The Blair Witch Project came out, before it had distribution. We went over there [to the arthouse theater], me and my high school girlfriend at the time, and we thought 'let's see what's playing' and it said Blair Witch Project, documentary. I was like 'Oh, great. We're gonna see a documentary about three hikers.'"

"We watched this movie—what I thought was a documentary—that traumatized me," he shared as the hosts laughed at a poor young Paul Wesley unknowingly watching a horror film and believing it to be true.

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As it turned out, Wesley ran into one of the stars of The Blair Witch Project a month later, a man he thought had died, and exclaimed: "What are you doing here? How are you alive?!"

Of course, the actor explained the nature of the film and how it was all fictional, but the experience was still scarring.

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